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Riyadh Zoo

If you are here in Riyadh for awhile, then you should not miss to visit Riyadh Zoo. This place is not only for kids and but also for adults. The zoo is well maintained, trees and green grasses are everywhere. Canteen, toilets and markets are available inside the facility to serve visitors.

Winter is the best time to visit the zoo since most of animals will look for shades during the sizzling hot summer.

6 (1).jpg


The zoo houses a lot of variety of animals. From the cute monkeys to the king of the jungles you can see. Varieties of Birds, Snakes, monkeys, carnivorous animals are available.



Zoo Facilities

The zoo is equip with facilities all you need during your Visit.

  • Restaurant
  • Store/bakala/Market
  • Comfort Room (Toilet)
  • Gift Shops
  • Stroller Rental
  • Face painting
  • Train Rides for 2 SAR per person


Zoo Maps and Signs

Maps and signs are in position across the zoo to guide the visitors and guest. It will guide your tour where are the type of animals situated, toilets and restaurants.


20170322_170636 (1).jpg


Unlike other countries, Riyadh Zoo has specific timing for families, men and woman. So make sure to take a look on the timing matrix before going.


  Entrance Fee

Currently the Entrance fee for adults is 10 SAR and 5 SAR for Kids.

Adults – 10 SAR

Kidz – 5 SAR



The zoo is located in Malaz Neighborhood


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