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Red Chilli Restaurant

Yesterday was a nice weather here in Riyadh. Me and my colleague decided to utilize the nice weather condition and have some dinner in Red Chilli.

Red Chili is an Indian and Chinese Cuisine base on their footnote, but mostly of their Menu are Indian Cuisine. People coming on that restaurant know’s that it is an Indian Cuisine rather than both.


I was not expecting that they will have a nice table setting with a combination of red and caramel color representing Chilli logo of their restaurant. The guy serving us is polite and submissive which make us feel cosy. They also have outdoor space for at least 4 table, if you like take advantage of the nice weather condition which we did.

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Our order consist of 3 platter of kabab & grilled chicken, 1 butter chicken and 1 tekka masala with 2 pitcher of arabic wine for 6 hungry people. The food we order are more than enough for us to get filled our craving tummy. We pay for a total of 360 SAR which is not bad for 6 guys. In general their prices is not bad at all. Main Course prices ranging from 40 – 60 SAR average while their appetizer starts from 15 – 30 SAR average.

They also have weekdays buffet for 49 SAR only which is a good offer.





The food aroma was already tasteful and the food was well presented. The taste is impressive that you feel that their is something on it. Overall, it is good than i expected.

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